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Early Childhood Policy Council

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The Early Childhood Policy Council will elevate the needs of young children and their families as well as advise the Governor, Legislature and the Superintendent of Public Instruction on statewide early learning, care and child development. It will provide recommendations on all aspects of the state’s early childhood system, including support for the demographic, geographic and economic diversity of the state’s children and families and ways the Master Plan for Early Learning and Care and the Assembly Blue Ribbon Commission on Early Childhood Education’s final report can be updated and improved. It will hold at least four public meetings per year and prepare a formal annual report.

For more information, read the Early Childhood Policy Council press release.

Learn more about the Master Plan for Early Learning and Care.

For information regarding the Preschool Development Grant Birth Through Five, visit the California Department of Education.

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Upcoming Meetings

  • December 10, 2020

Meeting Materials


Early Childhood Policy Council (Special Session) – November 20, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council – November 16, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council – Parent Advisory Committee Meeting #2  – September 10, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council – Workforce Advisory Committee Meeting #2 – September 9, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council – August 24, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council – Workforce Advisory Committee Meeting #1  – August 6, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council – Parent Advisory Committee Meeting #1 – July 22, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council Meeting #3 – June 8, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council Meeting #2 (Special Session) – May 27, 2020

Early Childhood Policy Council Meeting #1 – April 2, 2020


Early Childhood Policy Council

The Governor’s appointees are:

  • Dr. Nadine Burke Harris, Chair and California Surgeon General;
  • Mayra E. Alvarez, The Children’s Partnership;
  • Kim Pattillo Brownson, First 5 Los Angeles;
  • Maria “Lupe” Jaime, Fresno County Office of Education;
  • Kimberley Johnson, California Department of Social Services;
  • Alicia Lieberman, University of California, San Francisco;
  • Paula Merrigan, Castro Valley Unified School District;
  • Scott Moore, Kidango;
  • Sarah Neville-Morgan, California Department of Education;
  • Stephanie Myers, California Department of Education;
  • Carola Oliva-Olson, California State University Channel Islands;
  • Cheryl Polk, Safe and Sound;
  • Dean Tagawa, Los Angeles Unified School District.

The Senate’s appointees are:

  • Antoinette (Toni) Jacobs, YourMiMi, Inc.;
  • Robin Layton, Educational Enrichment Systems;
  • Laura (Kay) Ruhstaller, Family Resource and Referral Center;
  • Sonia P. Jaramillo, Gonzales Unified School District.

The Assembly’s appointees are:

  • Donna Sneeringer, Child Care Resource Center;
  • Khydeeja Alam, Advancement Project;
  • Sheryl Shushan, Global Family Services;
  • Natali Gaxiola, Felton State Preschool.

The Superintendent of Public Instruction appointee is:

  • Janet Zamudio, Director of Child Care.

The Workforce Committee’s appointees are:

  • Tonia McMillian, Kiddie Depot Family Childcare;
  • Miren Algorri, Algorri Family Childcare.

Parent Advisory Committee

The Governor’s appointees are:

  • Mary Ignatius, Chair;
  • Lissete Frausto;
  • Yenni Rivera.

The Legislature’s appointee is:

  • Naima Facih;
  • Patricia Lozano, Early Edge California;
  • Patrick D. MacFarlane;
  • Deborah Corley-Marzett, family daycare provider;
  • Cheryl (Cherie) Schroeder, resource parent, foster care educator and advocate.

Workforce Advisory Committee

The Governor’s appointees are:

  • Tonia McMillian, Chair, Kiddie Depot Family Child Care;
  • Miren Algorri, Algorri Family Childcare;
  • Virginia Eigen, Campbell Union School District.

The Legislature’s appointees are:

  • Patricia Alexander, licensed in-home family childcare provider;
  • AnnLouise Bonnitto, California Rural Indian Health Board, Inc.;
  • Amelia Soto, Mexican American Opportunity Foundation;
  • Zoila Carolina Toma, Fun Minds Inc.;
  • Debra Ward, Cerritos College Child Development Center;
  • Latonda Williams, Plaza del Raza Child Development Services Inc.

To learn more about the members, read their biographies.

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