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California Health & Human Services Legislative Action Report 2022-23

It is with gratitude that we share the second annual California Health and Human Services Agency (CalHHS) Legislative Action report, which provides an overview of proposals that passed the Legislature and were presented to Governor Newsom during the 2022-23 legislative session. All bills are listed in numerical order, by Assembly Bills (ABs) and Senate Bills (SBs). Additionally, the index includes bills that were signed into law and are grouped by theme. Each of our 12 departments and five offices are called to break down systemic barriers and fight for equity and access through their service delivery and program design. We remain steadfast in our efforts to deliver quality, data-driven, whole-person, and person-centered programs and services, with belonging and dignity to all.

The Governor considered 1,046 bills; where roughly one in five pertained to Californians’ health and human services programs – a testament that health and human services are at the core of our communities. Elected leaders, legislative staff, and valued stakeholders worked closely to assess approximately 181 bills, of which, the Governor signed 114 into law.

View the Legislative Action report.