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Modernizing Our Behavioral Health System

Modernizing Our Behavioral Health System

Since 2019, California has embarked on massive investments and policy reforms to re-envision how the state treats mental health and substance use disorders, collectively known as the behavioral health system.

Our ongoing re-envisioning of the behavioral health system has already seen more than $10 billion in investments that range from prevention and early intervention programs for kids, to investments in programs like the CARE Act and system improvements in Medi-Cal through CalAIM that begin to build up the community-based care the sickest Californians desperately need.

But more can and must be done. Now it’s time to take the next step and build upon what we have already put in place – continuing the transformation of how California treats mental health  and substance use disorders.

 Three Key Elements of Governor Newsom’s Proposal:

  • A Bond to Fund Behavioral Health Expansion and Housing for Homeless Veterans
  • Modernizing the Mental Health Services Act
  • Making Today’s System of Care Work Better for All Californians

We look forward to working with the legislature, system and implementation partners, and a broad set of stakeholders, including those impacted by behavioral health conditions, to set these reforms into motion to deliver equitable, accessible, and affordable community-based behavioral health care for All Californians. For questions and inquiries, contact

Learn more about the Next Step to Modernize California’s Behavioral Health System.