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California Health & Human Services Agency Releases Youth at the Center Report to Shape Transformation of California’s Behavioral Health Ecosystem

SACRAMENTO – The California Health & Human Services Agency (CalHHS) and the Children and Youth Behavioral Health Initiative (CYBHI) today announced the release of the Youth at the Center Report, which highlights what children, youth, families, and community members across California want in a reimagined behavioral health ecosystem. The report, which is a result of meetings with over 600 individuals facilitated by 26 partner organizations, provides 12 calls-to-action for the state of California to consider as it works to transform the way it supports the emotional, mental, and behavioral health needs of young people and their families.

This report is foundational to the CYBHI’s goal of ensuring the voices and needs of youth, and their families are at the forefront of California’s efforts. It reflects CalHHS’ guiding principles of active listening, focusing on equity, and engaging individuals and communities to ensure programs are informed and developed with their input.

As we advance this important work, the CYBHI will continue to actively engage with youth, families, and those who support them.

View the CYBHI Youth at the Center Report now.