California Health and Human Services

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Link to the California Web State Portal

Image link to Open Data Portal

CHHS launched its Open Data initiative to increase public access to one of the State’s most valuable assets—non-confidential health and human services data.

Data News on Twitter
Follow @CHHSDataNews on Twitter for updates on new datasets.

CHHS Program Dashboard
The Dashboard contains participation data related to seven California Health & Human Services agency programs.

Open Data Catalog
This is a catalog of all resources currently available on the Open Data Portal.

Image link to Data Playbook

The Playbook is a mechanism to disseminate best practices and lessons learned across the Agency, consisting of resources and toolkits to help staff navigate data projects and discuss data-related topics in nontechnical language.

Data De-Identification Guidelines
The CHHS Data De-Identification Guidelines describe a procedure to be used by Departments and offices in the Agency to assess data for public release.

Data Sharing Framework
Data sharing at CHHS is governed by the CHHS data exchange agreement, which includes one master agreement and subordinate “Business Use Case Proposals” containing the specific business case to document each data exchange under the master agreement.

Record Reconciliation
The goal of CHHS Record Reconciliation is to link and organize administrative, client-level records to improve statistical analysis of CHHS clients.

The California Health and Human Services Agency oversees departments and offices that provide a wide range of services in the areas of health care, mental health, public health, alcohol and drug treatment, income assistance, social services and assistance to people with disabilities.

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