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Suicide Prevention Resources for Youth

Life can be hard and we all need help sometimes. There’s someone here to listen and help. 

We all feel anxious and helpless, even depressed sometimes, and you or someone you care about may think about hurting themselves. Check out these resources to help you recognize the warning signs of suicide, tools and support to help you cope, and ways to get help.

988 Suicide and Crisis Lifeline

Operating Hours: 24/7
If you or someone you know is experiencing mental health or substance use-related crisis, the Lifeline network is available 24/7.

Call or text 988, or chat at

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Youth Crisis Line

Operating Hours: 24/7

A  24/7 statewide emergency response system for youth (ages 12-24) and families in crisis.

Call or text 800-843-5200

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LGBT Youth Talkline

Operating Hours: M-F 1pm – 9pm Sat. 9am – 2pm (Pacific)

A safe space where you can open up and talk about coming out, bullying, isolation, identity, family issues and much more. Anonymous and confidential.

Call 800-246-7743

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Trans Lifeline

A peer support phone service run by trans people for our trans and questioning peers. Call us if you need someone trans to talk to, even if you’re not in crisis or if you’re not sure you’re trans.

Call 877-565-8860

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Know the Signs: Prevent Suicide

Recognize the warning signs of suicide. And save the life of someone you love.

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Together for Wellness: Suicide and Crisis Prevention

If you or someone you know is struggling or in crisis, help is available. Learn the signs, the facts and how you can help prevent suicide.

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Directing Change: Suicide Prevention Resources

Directing Change Program and Film Contest encourages you to learn about suicide prevention and mental health by creating short films that are used to change conversations in schools and communities.

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Youth Leaders Talk Mental Health

Listen to youth mental health activists discuss the power of sharing your mental health story and tips on healing in this conversation with the Office of the California Surgeon General’s Dr. Devika Bhushan.

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The Family Urgent Response System (FURS)

Operating Hours: 24/7

Call, text, chat, and in-person support for children and youth (up to age 21) who have spent time in foster care and for their caregivers. No issue is too big or too small; call or text FURS at 1-833-939-3877 or visit the Cal-Furs website for live chat.

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Suicide Prevention Resources for Parents, Families & Friends

Teens and young adults experience a lot of stress, which can lead to feelings of hopelessness, depression and even thoughts of suicide. It’s OK to ask for help. 

Learn how you can support your child or loved one who may be feeling helpless, depressed or thinking of hurting themselves. There are many resources and tools available to you.

CA Parent and Youth Help Line

Operating Hours: 8am – 8pm

A free, confidential call, text or live chat resource for parents and youth seeking emotional support.

Call 855-427-2736

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Know the signs: Prevent Suicide

Recognize the warning signs of suicide. And save the life of someone you love.

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Directing Change: Suicide Prevention Resource for Parents

Your child’s pain isn’t always obvious. Learn critical signs and what you can do to support them.

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Parents Guide to Teen Depression

Determine how to tell if your child is depressed, and what actions you can take.

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Suicide Prevention Resources for Teachers

Many of our students are struggling and may feel alone, but a trusted teacher can help. Learn how you can spot the signs of anxiety and depression or when someone may be at risk of self-harming, and possibly save someone’s life.

Find tools and resources for schools and teachers to support students who may be struggling with their mental health, substance misuse or thoughts of suicide.

Suicide Prevention: A Toolkit for High Schools

Having a conversation about mental health might be uncomfortable, but it can make all the difference. Learn what to say.

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Directing Change: Suicide Prevention Activity Sheet

A tip sheet to help those working with youth implement mental health and suicide prevention activities.

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Together for Wellness: When Students Talk About Suicide

How can you provide support when a student demonstrates signs or talks about suicide?

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LivingWorks: Suicide Intervention

In just 90 minutes online, LivingWorks teaches trainees to recognize when someone is thinking about suicide and how to help connect them to help and support.

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