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UPDATE: CHHS Public Charge Guide

The California Health and Human Services Agency, along with its Departments and Offices, is issuing an updated Public Charge Guide to serve as a resource for individuals with questions about the Federal Government’s new federal public charge policy. This document will be updated periodically.

Public Charge Guide (English)

What changed since the last CHHS Public Charge Guide was published?

On October 11, 2019, multiple federal courts placed a preliminary injunction  preventing the proposed changes to public charge from going into effect nationwide.

When will the new federal public charge policy go into effect?

No determination has been made about if or when the proposed changes to public charge policy may go into effect. The courts will have to make a final determination. We will provide further updates if the status of this currently enjoined federal policy changes.

What does this mean for you and your family?

The new federal policy has NOT been implemented as originally planned by the Federal Government on October 15. Any benefits that the federal government sought to add under the new federal public charge policy (i.e., benefits other than cash assistance and long-term care services) that are used before the new federal policy is implemented, will not be considered in a public charge determination.  If you have questions about your specific situation, an immigration or public benefits attorney can give you advice based on your specific situation. It is important to have accurate information before canceling any health care and other critical services, including any appointments that have been scheduled.

Where do you go for answers to other questions?

Contact a qualified immigration attorney if you have questions about the new federal policy and your immigration case. You can find a list of qualified immigration providers on the California Department of Social Services website, here.

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