Secretary Diana S. Dooley

​Secretary Diana S. Dooley

California Health and Human Services Agency Secretary Diana S. Dooley


​Dooley was appointed Secretary of the California Health and Human Services Agency by Governor Jerry Brown at the beginning of his term in 2011. She leads the 13 state departments within the Agency, chairs the independent health benefit exchange Covered California, and serves as chair or member of numerous other boards and commissions.

Under her leadership, California has been a national leader in implementing the federal Affordable Care Act, notably reducing the uninsured rate from nearly 20 percent to under 7 percent. She has also used the federal law, together with state legislative and administrative actions, to make improvements in the quality of healthcare delivery, increase transparency and consumer engagement, and promote the integration and coordination of medical, behavioral, and social services in the furtherance of whole-person care.

Dooley entered health care in 2000 when she became General Counsel and Vice President of Valley Children's Hospital, later serving as President and CEO of the California Children's Hospital Association. She began her career as an analyst for the state, and was promoted to the staff of Governor Brown in 1975, serving as Legislative Secretary and Special Assistant until the end of his term in January 1983. Before becoming an attorney in 1995, she owned a public relations and advertising agency.

Dooley received her bachelor’s degree from California State University, Fresno in 1972 and her law degree from San Joaquin College of Law in 1995. She is married to Dan Dooley and has two adult daughters and three grandchildren.

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