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Maternity Care

CalSIM Maternity Initiative for Health Plans and Hospitals - Working Draft (4/10/14)
CalSIM Maternity Initiative FAQ​​
CalSIM Maternity Initiative Maternity Care Patient Engagement Strategies
CalSIM Maternity Initiative​ Appendix A Initiative Matrix

Health Homes for Patients with Complex Needs

DHCS Webinar to Review Draft Concept Paper for ACA Section 2703 Health Homes​
CalSIM Health Homes DHCS Webinar Agenda (11/14/14)​      

Palliative Care 
Meeting Notes



Building Blocks



Community Health Workers Workgroup meeting - 9/12/14
Community Health Workers Workgroup meeting - 8/15/14​​
Roles and Functions Meeting Notes - 5/9/14
Introductory Work Group Meeting Notes - 3/28/14
Issue Brief on Leveraging Community Health Workers Under California's State Innovation Model (SIM) Initiative
Taking Innovation to Scale - CHWs, Promotores, and the Triple Aim: CHWA Report

Health Information Technology and Exchange

Enabling Authorities

Cost and Quality Transparency Database

Public Reporting

Payment Reform Innovation Incubator

Background Information

Multi-Stakeholder Health Care Payment Reform in California Framing Report

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CalSIM Accountable Communities for Health Webinar (9/26/14)

  • Information Gathering Form: We are interested in learning about collaborative projects already in existence that may relate to potential Accountable Communities for Health. This Form is designed to identify what types of activities are underway that may help inform the further development and design of the Accountable Communities for Health pilot project. You may wish to wait until after the webinar to fill out the form so that you can assess whether the collaborative project you are involved with relates to the ACH pilot program. We greatly appreciate your participation in this effort. Please complete the Form by COB October 10, 2014; the Form is linked\ to Google documents and will automatically be saved.


California State Innovation Model Testing Grant Application


General Information


Working Draft of State Health Care Innovation Plan (10/16/13)


CalSIM Work Groups


National Committee for Quality Assurance Webinar on Patient-Centered Medical Homes


2013 HIE Stakeholder Summit


A New Vision for California's Healthcare System Webinar


Prework for Payment Reform Webinar


Stakeholder Input Form

Stakeholder Input Form: Download and use this form to submit your payment reform model suggestion. Please be as specific as possible. If you have multiple separate suggestions, you may complete and submit this form more than once. We will collect and compile initial comments from November 19 through December 19, 2012.


Informational Stakeholder Webinar - September 7, 2012