Developmental Services Task Force  


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Task Force Meetings


December 14, 2017 Task Force Meeting

Agenda – December 14, 2017
DDS Vendor Rate Study
Community Resources Development Funds
DS Task Force Guiding Principles
DS Task Force Subject Areas
DS Task Force Report


Past Task Force Meetings


July 18, 2017 Task Force Meeting

Agenda – July 18, 2017
Draft DS Task Force Report July 17, 2017
Meeting Summary – February 15, 2017
Chart Plan for Crisis and Other Safety Net Services
Audio Recording Part 1
Audio Recording Part 2
Audio Recording Part 3


February 15, 2017 Task Force Meeting

Agenda – February 15, 2017
Community Supports and Safety Net Services Workgroup Summary
Employment Workgroup Summary
Meeting Summary – April 13, 2016 DS Task Force Meeting

April 13, 2016 Task Force Meeting

Agenda – April 13, 2016
Meeting Summary – October 28, 2015 DS Task Force Meeting

Governor's Office: California's Minimum Wage Fact Sheet

October 28, 2015 Task Force Meeting

Developmental Services Task Force Reconvenes October 8th
Agenda for October 8, 2014 Task Force Meeting
Subject Areas for Discussion - October 8, 2014 Task Force Meeting
Meeting Summary - July 24, 2014 Meeting​


Resource Library


Rates & Expenditures

Explanation of Rates & Chart of Service Codes (4 pages)
Rate Process Overview​ (pages 16 pages)
Rate Actions History July 2003 – June 2013 

Pie Charts of Broad Budget Categories – Purchase of Service Expenditures and Consumer Counts for
Fiscal Years 2011 –  2012 to 2013 –​  2014
(6 pages)


Regional Center Information

Historical Information on Regional Center Case Load Ratios (2 pages)
Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) January 13, 2015 Summary of Regional Center Case Load Ratios (2 pages)

Core Staffing Formulas ​(4 pages)
Citygate Associates, 1999, Department of Developmental Services: Regional Center Core Staffing Study, FInal Report​  (233 pages)
Regional Center Operations Funding (4 pages)
Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) Summary: Regional Center Operations – What is This? January 12, 2015 (6 pages)
Association of Regional Center Agencies (ARCA) Paper: ​Funding the Work of California's Regional Center​ (66 pages) 

CPP Information

Summary of Approved Fiscal Year 2013 –​  2014 Community Plan Start Up  (5 pages)

CMS Home and Community-Based Services Regulations

​​​Overview of the Regulatory Requirements for Home and Community-Based Services (4 pages)
Centers for Medicare & Medicaid Services (CMS) Home and Community-Based Services Fact Sheet​
Department of Health Care Services (DHCS)  Home and Community-Based Services Statewide Transition Plan​


General Information

January 13, 2014: DC Task Force Final Report – Plan For The Future of Developmental Centers In California (59 pages)
Discussion Themes Important to the Developmental Disabilities Services System​ (1 page)
CDER Data on Client Characteristics from Today and 10 Years Ago​ (2 pages)
Glossary of Terms/Acronyms (16 pages)
Challenging Service Needs/SSRS​ Data (2 pages)
A Public Service Announcement co-produced by Kecia Weller, Developmental Services Task member and Molly Kennedy:  Abuse of People with Disabilities: A Silent Epidemic​ (YouTube video)