Council Meeting Information Archive



December 7, 2016

Agenda – December 7, 2016
CWC Discussion Highlights – September 7, 2016
Statement on Information Sharing, Data Standardization and Interoperability
On the Frontline: Community Youth Serving Organizations and the Economic Integration of Disconnected Youth in the San Joaquin Valley
Mediating Exclusion, Promoting Opportunity PowerPoint
CDSYT Committee Report
DLIS Committee Report
PEI/CRP Committee Report
CSEC Action Team Report
Insights Volume XII
CalFresh and Foster Youth
California Youth Connection Partnership Flyer


June 1, 2016

Agenda – June 1, 2016
Discussion Highlights – March 2, 2016
Proposal for 2015 – 16 Annual Report
Three Key Years Parenting Tips
New Los Angeles County Court for Older Foster Youth
CalYouth: Perspectives of Youth and Child Welfare Workers on Extended Foster Care
California Youth Transitions to Adulthood Study
Breaking Barriers Presentation
Breaking Barriers Summary
2015 PEI CRP Cover Letter
2015 PEI CRP Report and Recommendations
PEI CRP Chair Report
New System Project Update CWC
CDSYT Committee Report to CWC
PASS Council Presentation
Permanency Report to CWC
Video: Breaking Barriers


March 2, 2016

Agenda – March 2, 2016
Discussion Highlights – December 9, 2015
Education Toolkit
Foster Youth Priority Employment
CDSYT Committee Status Report

CSEC Action Team Status Report
PEI CRP Committee Status Report
Permanency Committee Status Report
PASS Task Force Status Report
Federal Child Welfare Finance Reform Toolkit
February 3, 2016 Summary of Families First Act
Psychotropic Medications
Continuum of Care Reform


December 9, 2015

Agenda – December 9, 2015
Discussion Highlights – September 2, 2015
Reunification Outcomes
Tough Love Documentary – Summary
2015 Chaptered Bill Summaries
Responsible and Prudent Parent Standard
Healthy Sexual Development of Youth in Foster Care
Permanency Committee Status Report
CDSYT Committee Status Report
CSEC Action Team Update
DLIS Committee Status Report

September 2, 2015

Agenda – September 2, 2015
Discussion Highlights – June 3, 2015
CWC Annual Report 2014-15
California College Pathways Overview
California College Pathways PowerPoint
Translational Social Work Conference Announcement
Earned Income Tax Credit Concept Paper
CDSS Response to PEI/CRP Recommendations
California Child Welfare System Flow Chart
California Child Welfare Resource List
CDSYT Committee Status Report
PASS Task Force Status Report
Continuum of Care Reform Summary
Continuum of Care Reform Overview

June 3, 2015

Agenda – June 3, 2015
Discussion Highlights – ​March 4, 2015​
Steering Committee Announcement​
Supporting Healthy Sexual Development of Foster ​Youth​ 
Supporting Healthy Sexual Development of Foster Youth – Summary of and Recommendations​​
Supporting Healthy Sexual Development of Foster Youth –​ PowerPoint Presentation​
CSEC Status Report PowerPoint
California Guidelines for Use of Psychotropic Medication with Children and Youth Foster Care​
Questions to Ask About Medications​
Foster Youth Bill of Rights​
The Invisible Achievement Gap​
The Invisible Achievement Gap​ (Part 2)
Funding Youth Permanency Guide
Funding Youth Permanency PowerPointTranslational Social Work
Interorganizational Collaboration-Serving Youth
Research Practice Partnership
Translational Social Work PowerPoint ​Social Networks-Implementation of Evidence-Based Practice​
White House Honors David Ambrose​
Out-of-County Mental Health Plan Discussion Document​ (added June 5, 2015)


March 4, 2015 ​

March 4, 2015 Agenda​​
DRAFT-Criteria for CWC Steering Committee Membership​​
Discussion Highlights December 10, 2014
Foster Youth Education Toolkit​
Antipsychotic Drug Oct. 2014  ​Jan. 2015
Pharmacy Overall Oct. 2014  Jan. 2015
Children's Data Network  California Report​

QIP Presentation
Questions to Ask
Foster Youth Bill of Rights
NCYL Data Update
NCYL Summary-Joint Oversight Hearing
NCYL Psych Meds Bill Package​
PASS Integrated System
PASS Behavioral Health Plan
PASS CW.MH.SUD Process Flow
PASS Housing Overview
PASS Housing Proposed Actions
PASS Families at the Nexus of Housing and Child Welfare
PASS Probation Flyer draft
Out-of-County Mental Health Services​
OOCMH County Plan discussion draft​


December 10, 2014 ​ ​

CWC Agenda December 10, 2014​​
Discussion Highlights September 10, 2014
CWC Council Operations Manual
CalYOUTH Survey Highlights​
PASS Probation Action Plan
PEI-CRP Orientation Manual​
Child Welfare Services-New System​
QIP Timeline​


September 10, 2014

CWC Agenda September 10, 2014
Discussion Highlights June 11, 2014
CWC 2013-14 Annual Report
PASS Council September 10, 2014
1 Final BH Action Plan
2 Final Housing Action Plan
3 Final Workforce Action Plan
4 Final CDCR Probation Action Plan
BRC Sunset Proposal
Quality Improvement Project
Overview Dependency Drug Court
Drug Dependency Courts​


June 11, 2014

Meeting Agenda
Discussion Highlights - March 12, 2014
Healthy Sexual Development of Foster Youth
Permanency FFE June 2014
PASS Update presentation June 2014
PASS Update report June 2014
Citizen Review Panel Overview


March 12, 2014

Meeting Agenda
Discussion Highlights – December 11, 2013
Finance Reform Toolkit Overview
Fact Sheet on Finance Reform
CA Framework for Finance Reform
Call to Action Finance Reform
RISE Presentation on Federal Grant to serve Lesbian, Gay, Bisexual, Transgender and Questioning Youth


December 11, 2013

Meeting Agenda
Draft Discussion Highlights - September 4, 2013
Federal Child Welfare Finance Reform:  The California Framework
Federal Child Welfare Finance Reform: Fact Sheet
California Call to Action Finance Reform
California Call to Action Finance Reform - Exended
California's Most Vulnerable Parents - Full Report
Young Children in Foster Care: Summary and Recommendations


September 4, 2013

Meeting Agenda
Child Welfare Council Membership-September 2013
Action Item: KKIS Sponsorship
Permanency Report and Recommendations
Permanency Report and Recommendations - Appendix
2012-13 Annual Report
Draft Discussion Highlights - June 5, 2013
Partial Credit Model Policy and Practice Recommendations
Child Welfare Council Report on Young Children in Foster Care
PowerPoint: Young Children in Foster Care


Wednesday March 6, 2013

DRAFT Discussion Highlights - December 2012
Partnership Primer
Partial Credit Fact Sheet
Partial Credit Paper
Partial Credit PowerPoint
Ending CSEC-A Call for Multi-System Collaboration in CA
Child Welfare Finance 101
Child Welfare Finance Reform PowerPoint


December 12, 2012

Discussion Highlights
Prioritization Task Force Report
Reunification Presentation