State Health Information Guidance (SHIG) on Sharing Sensitive Health Information


The California Office of Health Information Integrity (CalOHII), with support from the California Health Care Foundation, is embarking on a major effort to develop and disseminate official state guidance on the use, disclosure, and protection of sensitive patient health information. We believe this non-mandatory guidance will help meet a critical need for guidance for behavioral health integration initiatives at the state and local levels.

The project will develop and publish written guidance on how the State of California interprets health privacy laws. This official state guidance will serve two goals:

  • Standardizing non-state entities' understanding of state and federal health information privacy, security, and patients' rights laws around sensitive health information (including mental health and substance use) and increasing compliance with these laws;

  • Encouraging appropriate information-sharing to improve care coordination and health outcomes and decrease cost of compliance and care while protecting patients' privacy rights.

CalOHII has engaged with stakeholders and an Advisory Group at the outset of the project and at intervals during the research and writing for input and feedback.

Final publication is expected in July 2017.


Contact for this project: 

Elaine Scordakis, Assistant Director of CalOHII